Why do my legs itch?

My first official day BACK at the gym was Wednesday. It’s pretty sad actually that I’ve been paying LA Fitness $30 a month and literally haven’t stepped foot inside the gym since last November. How crazy is that? But you know what…I think gyms are smart. They know that most people make goals to lose weight. Some will stay dedicated while the majority of others wont…yet you keep the membership because you continue to tell yourself you will go one day. Then you look up and realize you have already paid about $80 and haven’t even been. The Color Run is set for April 19th in Baltimore, so I knew I had to get started.

I went to the gym, and had a great workout. I started on the treadmill, and often increased my speed. The first day I kept it at a low speed of 3.0 for 30 minutes and then rode the bike for 15 minutes. I left the gym feeling great. I felt like I accomplished something. So when I went to the gym the next day I knew I would kill my workout! I started on the treadmill like the previous day but then decided to increase the speed and try running. Things went from good to bad in a matter of seconds.

I started getting this tingling, itchy sensation in my butt. But it didn’t stop there it spread all over my legs. I was literally running while trying to scratch the itch. Can you say embarrassing? However, I was determined to get through the workout even if it itched me to death. What was supposed to initially be a 30 minute workout turned into an hour on the treadmill. The itch eventually went away the more I kept going. But will this happen every time? I sure hope not because it was not fun.

But on the bright side. I FINISHED MY WORKOUT.

Countdown until The Color Run-55 More Days


Being Realistic-For Once

I’ve always been one to make goals for myself and never follow through with completing them. Unfortunately, I think this is a habit that many of us take on and I think its fine time that we stop. Lets stop putting things off when we can do them now. Why talk the talk, and not walk the walk?  This year I made some goals for myself. The first goal was to be healthy, and just live life. I cant tell you guys how many times I have done the crash diets. You know, the diets where you literally eat nothing. I’ve done the Herbalife, Rice Diet, Green Smoothie diet. I’ve tried everything and in the end I still wasn’t happy. Yeah, I lost weight, but then I just ended up gaining it back.

So this year I made a vow to myself that I would not do the crash diets. I will not starve myself of food, and then binge when I get extremely hungry. I wont do it. I want to enjoy food and not be afraid that if I decide to eat a brownie its going to kill me. Granted, if I eat like ten brownies that may not be the right move…but you get what I’m saying. The final goal for myself is to run a 5k. **To all you runners, I realize this is not a long run. But I figured if I could accomplish this, then maybe I can continue to push myself and eventually run a half marathon or something. If I make crazy goals and expectations it just wont happen.

I have to be realistic with myself….for once.

Sunday Meal Prep

So its Sunday…you enjoyed your weekend, you probably went grocery shopping and you’re getting ready for another eventful week at work. Most Sundays after church, I spend my evening prepping my meals for the week. I think meal preparation is extremely important. In order to be successful with healthy eating, you have to learn how to plan ahead. Most people fail at this because  our lives are so busy, that sometimes we just don’t have the time, or are in some situations where we cant grab a healthy lunch. This results in grabbing fast food, or skipping meals. If you plan your meals ahead, this wont become an issue for you.WeeklyFoodPrep-1024x1024

“Set goals and stick to them! Don’t let temptations get in your way. I am always surrounded by temptations at work, but when I have my mind set, there’s no changing it (I’m very stubborn haha). Learn how to be stubborn when it comes to your diet. If someone offers you a cookie for example, don’t show weakness so they can “talk you into it”. The mind is so much more powerful then we think it is. If you set in your mind that you are sticking to your packed meals, then nothing should change it. Sure, cheats are okay once a week and it’s okay to treat yourself, but if it isn’t a planned cheat, it can get out of hand.” –Live Fit, Eat Clean 

WaterI would also recommend taking enough water with you, to last your day. Drinking water is also important when trying to drop the pounds. Most of our weight is a composed of water weight which has come from salty foods (foods high in sodium, potato chips, processed foods, etc) Keeping water near your side will also allow you not to grab a Pepsi or Coke. You will thank me later 🙂



Hello Everyone! Welcome to “The Healthy Finish”. I created this blog with hopes that it would help hold me accountable for my own fitness goals. I admit that when it comes to starting challenges, and setting goals often times I find myself getting very lazy. I am truly committed to changing my life and my health for the good and I hope you embark on this journey with me. This blog will be a place of vulnerability. A place where I can show my flaws, and hopefully one day be comfortable with them. This blog will be filled with devotionals, work out examples, recipes, and so much more! If you would like to contribute to the blog whether it be with a recipe, or some other tip feel free to send those to me. My email will be on the Contact page.

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